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How is a student’s class placement determined?

For our returning students, the majority move to the following level. Some students may repeat a level to reinforce the learned material, this will be decided by teachers in clear communication with parents to make sure it is the right choice for the student.
For new students, a member of our team will call parents prior to the start of the school year to chat about your student’s prior Arabic experiences, their age, and the parents expectations. Based on these factors and class availability we will place students in what we feel is the most appropriate level for their academic and social outcomes. In the first 2-4 weeks of school, teachers conduct student evaluations to determine whether any students should move to a different level – should your student’s level be adjusted we will discuss this with you to come to a mutual agreement that best suits their needs. 

Will there be a review at the beginning of the year?

Yes. We always start our academic year with a thorough review. It does not only help in refreshing the students’ memories. It also helps the teacher see if there are any weak points that need reinforcement.

Why are classes named by colors and not numbers? What does a given color mean?

Over the past several years, our school curriculum team have spent a great deal of time designing and reworking our in-house developed curriculum to match the needs of our students. Naturally, students’ Arabic language levels rarely matches up with their school grade levels, so we have learned that the flexibility of a color system works best so as not to highlight these differences. As we continue to develop our curriculum we continue to add new colored levels to our offering (classes currently range from Red to Purple as in the rainbow). Our ultimate goal is to finalize the curriculum and go back to numbered levels that will be an easier progression for parents to follow.

How much should we help our kids with homework?

Your support at home is essential in your child’s learning journey. The best thing you can do for your child at home, is encourage the use of spoken Arabic if your family speaks the language. However, the goal of the homework is to practice the material learned in class and check students’ understanding of new concepts. If you feel that your child is having a hard time finishing the homework, please reach out to your teacher so that she/he is aware of the challenges that your child is facing. Moreover, BAAS offers a mid-week session that the teachers hold with their students to help them review the lesson and finish their homework. Attendance in the mid-week session is not mandatory but highly recommended.

How do you make sure that classes are fun?
Our main goal is to make learning fun, especially for young students. In our in-house made curriculum we integrated many colorful flashcards, games, songs, and much more.

Will there be an assessment at the end of the school year?
Yes. All classes except for the red level (preK) are assessed in the middle and at the end of the year. Report cards will be provided to parents with student-specific feedback from teachers.

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